Google Facing Possible Pixel 3 Class Action Lawsuit

Complaints include battery drain, subpar photo quality, and application crashes

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The lawfirm of Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP is investigating a potential class action lawsuit for potential defects in Google's Pixel 3 smartphone.

Battery hits 10% then 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 in like 10 seconds... Fix this garbage phone google — Reddit User

Users have long complained on forums about battery drain issues that cause sudden phone shutdown. According to one Reddit user under the title "Sudden battery drain" on the website's Pixel3 subreddit, "This seems to have just started recently, but if I let my phone hit ~30% battery, like something out of a horror movie, it suddenly starts losing 1% a second until it dies. I guess the sensor could also be wrong, but I've essentially been treating 30% as 0%." Another user on the website posted a video of their Pixel 3 "using 18% for 5h19min of just idle without screentime."

A post on Google's support forum states "My Pixel 3 is about 3 months old. Recently when the battery levels gets to about 15% or 14%, it suddenly drains down to zero in like 15 watching a count down as the percentage levels drops 1% each second."

This is not the first time Google has faced battery issues on their Google branded smartphones. Settlements were offered to owners of Nexus 6P smartphones for similar battery issues, and in 2019, the company settled with owners of it's original Pixel phone over microphone issues for $7.25 million.

CSK&D is also investigating issues with the Pixel 3's smartphone and accompanying smartphone app. Users have complained that the camera's app "shakes and vibrates" which results in poor quality photos and videos, and other users have reported that the camera app simply crashes.

The lawfirm is asking Pixel 3 owners who have experienced any of these issues to fill out a form on their website, which is located at

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