American Guardian Warranty Adds New Vehicle Protection Products

Company announces new appearance protection solutions for vehicles and expands coverage for technology components

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American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc. (AGWS), an industry leading finance and insurance (F&I) provider that offers products and services in the automotive, RV, powersports, marine, and commercial trucking markets, has announced brand new product additions to their Appearance Protection Solutions and Compass Auto product lines.

Thanks to our premier line of Appearance Protection products, drivers can safeguard their investments in a way that will ultimately preserve the vehicle's overall market value.

Featuring an all-encompassing array of protective vehicle care products, the AGWS Appearance Protection Solutions line now includes ecologically friendly EcoProProducts, industry-leader Armor All®, Aviation Grade Cilajet®, and a portfolio of other products created for their outstanding protective properties to keep vehicles looking their best. AGWS-administered Appearance Protection Solutions Products are professionally applied to exterior finishes, and interior leather, vinyl, and fabrics to disinfect and maintain appearance and value for many years. The company's Compass Auto line has also expanded to include Compass Tech+, which provides extended coverage for a vehicle's technology components.

"We are proud to bolster our existing lines with these exciting new products to give our customers access to a wider breadth of Appearance Protection and Auto products," said Jon A. Anderson, president and COO of AGWS. "Thanks to our premier line of Appearance Protection products, drivers can safeguard their investments in a way that will ultimately preserve the vehicle's overall market value."

AGWS acquired EcoProProducts in 2019 and has seen an increased demand for the company's EcoProProducts MicrobeRepel™ System. Utilizing 24/7 active anti-microbial technology with stain and odor resistance, the formula creates a permanent bond to interior surfaces, ventilation systems, and cargo areas to eliminate 99.9 percent of microbes and germs that cause bacteria and viruses -- and, in particular, contains product on the EPA's list of disinfectants for use against SARS–CoV–2, the coronavirus that causes the disease COVID–19 (EPA Reg. No. 82972-1).

Select authorized agents and dealers can now benefit from the Armor All SmartShield® warranty program, which provides coverage not available from the manufacturer, and protects exteriors from environmental elements such as acid rain, hard water spots, and insects; and interiors from accidental food or beverage spills, child and pet mishaps, and much more. From the Cilajet product line, AGWS now offers Cilajet Ceramic, a unique and durable formula that completely fills surface pores, protecting paint and metal surfaces from environmental contaminants and damage; while Cilajet FAB helps to prevent permanent staining to a vehicle's upholstery from food, drinks, oils, lotions, and more; and Cilajet HIDE conditions and protects leather and vinyl seats from drying, fading, and discoloration. Lastly, the newest addition to the Compass Auto line, Compass Tech+, provides three levels of technology protection, plus additional available coverage, so customers can tailor-fit their protection to suit their needs.

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